GT_Churchill_QuoteFirst there was Black Friday.  Then Small Business Saturday.  Then there was Cyber Monday.  But, the season is about being thankful and sharing goodwill with others.  Thus, #GivingTuesday. It is about connecting with something that you are passionate about and giving back. Some people give of their time and volunteer. Some people give their talents and help others. Some people give their treasure and make a monetary donation.

For us, we are passionate about agriculture. This incredible industry is the backbone of America.  William Jennings Bryan once said, “Burn down your cities and leave our farms, and your cities will spring up again as if by magic; but destroy our farms and the grass will grow in the streets of every city in the country.” We think it is important for every man, woman and child to understand the importance that agriculture plays in their daily lives.  If you eat, you are involved in agriculture.

Have you considered making a gift to support agriculture literacy in Iowa? Agriculture in the Classroom is strong in many counties in Iowa. But, we need to continue to grow awareness about agriculture and to develop informed consumers. Agriculture in the Classroom throughout the state can use your support. You can volunteer and help carry agriculture into your local school. You can help train teachers on how to incorporate agriculture into their lessons. Or you can make a financial gift to support agriculture literacy efforts.

How will my donation by used?

Your gift will help give students hands-on learning experiences that will open their eyes to the world of agriculture. Their eyes light up when they learn about how things grow and they are always amazed when they learn about how those growing things are connected to what they eat. Your gift will also help train teachers so that they can bring agriculture into their classrooms as a way of applying important concepts of science, social studies, math, language arts, and more. Your gift will support grant programs that will make much needed resources available to local programs throughout Iowa.

How can I maximize my impact?

Many major companies provide employee match giving programs that automatically double your gift. Ask your human resources department to learn more. And don’t forget to budget for next year and become an annual supporter.  Every dollar counts.

Keep in touch with us!

Join our mailing list and receive the latest updates about the programs and their progress.  Visit our headquarters in West Des Moines or meet us out on the road.  We would love to visit with you and tell you about the latest happenings.  But, we would also love to hear why you support agriculture and education.


Giving does not have to be just about the dollars.  You can give your time by volunteering and using your service time to learn more about IALF. You can also get your friends and colleagues to join you and provide you with the opportunity to learn more about your philanthropic interests.

Lend your voice.

You can be an ambassador for agriculture! You can Tweet about our programs or post in support of our efforts. Getting social can go a long way and help introduce agriculture and IALF to new donors and volunteers in your network.

Create a giving circle.

Giving circles are a new form of participatory philanthropy where groups of individuals donate to a pooled fund and decide together the cause to support.  It is a great way to bring people together and to increase your awareness of and engagement in local charities. Grab some friends or coworkers and start one today to support your favorite charity.

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