6 Great Books to Gift Kids

Christmas shopping for kids can be hard, especially nieces and nephews. I have no trouble picking a mix of fun and practical gifts for my own kids. Kids who do not live in my house are a different story. I know my nieces and nephews well, so it shouldn’t be hard. Charlotte loves Frozen. Ginny is obsessed with Mini Mouse. Jack likes anything with wheels and an engine. Daphne and Bristol are young enough that a box and shiny paper is mesmerizing! I could easily pick a toy reflective of their current favorite, but how many Mini Mouse toys does one kid need?

Books are my go-to gift when I am at a loss for ideas. Books are fun, do not take up much space, and have a longer shelf-life than plastic toys with batteries. My nieces and nephews know that a book from Aunt Cindy will teach them about agriculture too!

Stumped on a gift for a child in your life? Here are a few top picks that got rave reviews from the young book critics in my life.

Grandpas Tractor

Grandpa’s Tractor by Michael Garland is a beautiful story of a young boy who discovers an old rusty tractor while on a walk with his grandfather. The tractor brings back fond memories that Grandpa Joe shares with Timmy. Through the grandfather’s story, Timmy learns about his great-grandfather’s farm and the important role the once shiny red tractor had.

Who-Grew-My-SoupWho Grew My Soup by Tom Derbyshire is one of my favorite fiction books about farms because of its strong educational value. My kids love it because it’s fun. Through rhythmic text it tells the story of a boy who doesn’t like vegetables. Phineas Quinn travels the United States in a soup pot hot air balloon to meet the farmers who grew the ingredients in his soup. Along the way he discovers he likes vegetables! It is a perfect choice for picky eaters on your Christmas list.

farm-elisha-cooperFarm by Elisha Cooper takes kids on a journey to learn about what happens on a farm throughout the year. The lyrical writing and beautiful illustrations appeal to children of all ages.

Jack and the cornstalkJack and the Cornstalk by Aaron Burakoff is a corn-y spin on a classic tale. After Jack’s mother threw magic corn kernels out the window a giant cornstalk grew. The cornstalk led Jack to a giant’s house where he found corn muffins to share with is family.

The Boy who changed the WorldThe Boy Who Changed the World by Andy Andrews is an inspiring story about a boy that loved playing on his family’s farm in Iowa and grew up to save the lives of two-billion people.   It describes how the lives of three famous Iowans (Norman Borlaug, Henry Wallace, and George Washington Carver) were connected and made a diference.

Busy BarnyardBusy Barnyard by John Schindel is perfect for toddlers. This fast-paced board book is full of vibrant pictures and two-word phrases that describe the busy lives of animals on the farm.   My kids are also fans of Busy Chickens and Busy Pigs by the same author.

I hope the young people in your life enjoy these books as much as mine!

– Cindy

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