Back-to-School: 6 Great Ways to Make Learning Real with Agriculture!

Farm Fresh

Students learning about agricultureIt’s that time of year again. Kids and teachers are heading back to school. Some may be dreading it, but the majority of them are excited to be back with their friends and may even like the normalcy of a routine. For me, the secret to great education (whether I’m a learner or a teacher) is making it real and relevant. And agriculture is the perfect way to make learning relevant.

Why is Agriculture Important?

I believe that everyone has the right to healthy, affordable food that is raised by passionate agriculturists who are supported by a purpose-driven agriculture industry. I believe that agriculture drives our society and that if you eat, you are involved in agriculture. Agriculture produces so many products that we use daily, from clothes to plastics and from paper to fuel. I believe that because agriculture affects everyone, everyone has the right and the responsibility…

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