Farm Yoga for Kids

Yoga may not be for everyone. But for those who have taken up this old world exercise there can be many positive benefits. Benefits can include improved flexibility, better posture, increased blood flow, increased focus and much more.

But yoga doesn’t have to be for just adults. Kids can join in the fun too! And what better way to practice healthy living than to do some physical activities with yoga poses based on things you would see at a farm! Teach these yoga poses in the spirit of play. Tell the story below and have students interact with the story by creating the character poses.

mountain-pose.jpgHold each pose for 30 to 60 seconds and then relax and transition to the next pose, as the story continues.

There once was a SCARECROW that stood overlooking a field and a farm. From his vantage point he could see all of the farm. His main job was to keep the birds away from eating the corn. He was so good at his job that there weren’t very many birds around. He had a lot of time to watch the farmer go about his daily chores.

StandSquat_9469.jpgThe farmer woke up bright and early (before the sunrise!). After feeding the cattle, he grabbed his PITCHFORK and headed inside the barn. He had to remove all of the old straw and bedding that the cows slept on. Then he replaced it with fresh, clean straw. He knew that big farms do this with tractors and machinery. But he only has a few cows and still has time to do it by hand.

7.-Chair-Pose.jpgThe farmer does have a tractor and he uses it to plant seeds in the field or move big bales of hay around. The scarecrow saw the farmer DRIVING-A-TRACTOR toward the haystack. The farmer loaded up a big bale of hay. He will mix that with corn, soybeans and other ingredients to make a delicious dinner for the cattle.

warrior-3-pose.jpgAfter mixing the cattle’s dinner, the farmer drove the tractor back through the farm GATE and into the machine shed.

252_hp_move_10a_450.jpgFrom the machine shed he could see a lone DUCK swimming in the pond. The duck swam round and round in circles creating ripples in the still water.

0c6b703d5bff63e61d5c7e40ee288760.jpgThe DOG sat at the edge of the pond watching the duck. The dog knew that if he tried to chase the duck the duck would just fly away.

cat.jpgThe HAPPY CAT sat on the porch of the house. He was content in knowing that the dog was occupied with watching the duck. The happy cat had the house all to himself.

The farmer made his way back to the barn to see if the cattle were yoga-poses-for-beginners-03-pg-full.jpgdone with their breakfast. One COW was mooing loudly. It was as if she was telling the farmer that it was time to start milking. The farmer guided her into the stall and hooked up the automatic milker. He knew that this delicious milk might be in grocery stores by the very next day.

rock-pose-300x225.jpgOne after another the farmer guided the cows into the stall to be milked. When the milk truck came to pick up the milk from the farm, the farmer opened up the door to help guide the trucker. A tiny MOUSE scurried across his boot.

249_hp_groove_16_450.jpgWhen the milk truck drove away the farmer went to check on his pigs. Usually pigs live inside where they are protected from cold, sun, and predators. But today was such a nice day that the farmer had opened up the barn to allow them to roam in an outdoor pen. One large PIG-IN-MUD was rolling around and having a great time!

reclining_bound_angle_pose.jpgThe farmer swore the pig was trying to make a MUD-ANGEL.

After a long day of caring for his animals, the farmer laid down in the cool grass. He looked up at the dark sky for a little HWSavasana.jpgSTAR GAZING.

Check out this quick video of the whole story.


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