Iowa Goes to South Africa

As one of the global leaders in agricultural products like corn, hogs, poultry, and soybeans, Iowans keep a constant eye on international markets to sell those goods. So when South Africa lifted trade sanctions on U.S. poultry and swine in early 2016 many eyes were watching. South Africa could be a key importer of Iowa crops and livestock.

Twenty-five Iowans departed on a Market Study trip organized by the Iowa Farm Bureau to learn more about this new opportunity. The group has a range of backgrounds including crop and livestock farming, agribusiness, and education.

The 15+ hour flight half way around the world landed the group in Johannesburg, South Africa which will serve as the base camp for tours of South African farms, agribusinesses, and other sites.

South Africa has a rich history that has been shaped by and sometimes marred by colorful tribal traditions, Dutch colonialism, and more recently apartheid and a shift in government. South Africa crops have been suffering from recent extreme drought. This severe weather means they haven’t been able to produce the necessary quantities of white corn needed – a staple of the South African diet. We will explore these and many other topics over the next 12 days.


One thought on “Iowa Goes to South Africa

  1. The drought is one reason but another is farm murders.. There is not enough farmers anymore to produce the food needed n this trade will just escalate the situation because the government will think even more than they do now that they do not need a farmer cuz they can import everything 🙁 and probably push land reform even faster to steal all the farmers land to do what with it…absolutely nothing! I hope u can see the bigger picture once you visit that corrupt country! Everybody always mentions apartheid but never mention how many farmers are tortured n killed everyday in that country, come on people wake up!


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