Trick Out My Ride

Agriculture is important to Iowa. The state ranks second in the nation in cash receipts for agriculture. The state ranks first in the production of hogs, corn, and egg production. Agriculture is the number one industry in the state responsible for 27% of the state’s economic output. A total of 80,278 jobs in the state are in agriculture in addition to the 211,373 farm owners and farm workers. This equates to roughly one in five jobs in Iowa is in agriculture.

This means that agriculture is a great career option for Iowa students! Organizations that help prepare students to pursue careers in agriculture include 4-H, FFA, and Ag in the Classroom.

  • The Iowa FFA Foundation serves the 14,800 student member organization in 225 chapters across Iowa. They help students develop their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success.
  • The Iowa 4-H Foundation provides funds for many of the opportunities that help young people enhance their ability to use critical thinking, leadership, communication, and social skills. They serve more than 100,000 youth in Iowa.
  • The Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation serves as the central resource for educators and volunteers who want to teach Iowa’s students about agriculture. We coordinate and support the Agriculture in the Classroom efforts throughout the state.

Iowans can now show their support for agriculture and these organizations while driving the roadways. The new Iowa agriculture license plate to honor Iowa Agriculture is now available. Proceeds from the sale of the plate will support these three important youth organizations that help students learn about agriculture, leadership, and life skills. Funds will be used to support work relative to the mission of each organization and to promote agriculture, agricultural awareness, and agricultural literacy.

The “Ag Tag” plate design has been approved by the Iowa Department of Transportation and orders are being taken at Owners of motor vehicles, travel trailers, and trailers are eligible to purchase the plates. Passenger vehicles including cars and pickups, commercial trucks, motorcycles, and large trailers are all eligible to receive the license plate. The plates can be standard issue or personalized plates.

IALF FFA 4H license plate 10.1.15.jpg

The Ag Tags will be shipped to those who purchase one as soon as 500 tags are ordered. There is an initial $35 fee which includes manufacturing cost and the annual fee for the tag for the first year. Ten dollars of that fee will be evenly distributed between Iowa 4-H, FFA, and Ag in the Classroom. These plates can really trick out your ride and allow you to show your support for agriculture. Order online or call 515-331-4182 for more information.


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