Resources for Learning at Home: Agriculture Edition

Wow, what a crazy spring it has been. Whether you are a classroom teacher scrambling to find ways to continue education without seeing your students, or a parent trying to maintain sanity while fostering your children’s learning, there are resources that can help. In this blog, we will highlight several educational opportunities that you can use at a distance.

Google Classroom Modules

We at IALF have recently created mini-units using Google Classrooms. There are currently three units for grades 3-5 students (science, social studies, and math), with more units for grades 6-8 students in the works. To find the current updated list with course codes and links, click here.

My Family’s Farm Read Aloud Videos

Reading skills are especially important to foster in children. To do our part to help with that, we have recorded videos of reading the My Family’s Farm book series aloud. The videos are created in a way such that students can see the books clearly and can read and follow along. Find these videos here.


Daily Chick Development Facebook Lives

embryology Facebook live (1)

Melanie at our Loess Hills Agriculture in the Classroom office will be hosting Facebook Live videos every day at 1:30 p.m. to give us updates on how chicks are developing. The chicks are set to hatch April 1. RSVP to the Facebook event here, and follow our Facebook page here for more updates.

Online Publications

The elementary Iowa Ag Today, middle school Iowa Ag Today, and My Family’s Farm book series are all available to view online in either PDF or digital book format. The Iowa Ag Today magazines also have accompanying teacher guides with discussion questions, worksheets, and a pre/post-test for easy implementation. The My Family’s Farm books each have two corresponding lesson plans that are aligned to Iowa Core Standards. Peruse all of our publications and corresponding materials here.

Free Lesson Plans

The IALF website has two large categories of lesson plans with hundreds of lessons. The National Lesson Plans category houses the Curriculum Matrix from the National Agriculture in the Classroom Organization. These lessons are sourced from folks all across the nation. The Iowa Lesson Plans category houses lessons sourced from Iowa educators. All lessons are aligned to standards and have all necessary worksheets, PowerPoints, or supporting documents attached for ease of use.

Ag literacy at home BINGO sheet


If you want to give your students or children an incentive to keep learning, give them this BINGO sheet! It includes 25 options for educational activities that will keep them learning about agriculture from home.

Please send us photos of your students completing items, or with their BINGO card completed! You can email them to us at, or tag us on social media.

Find Activities From Our Friends

Lots of organizations have online games, videos, and resources. For more lists of ideas, visit the Virtual Learning hub on our website here. Some options can be playing Journey 2050, playing Farmers 2050, or exploring Nutrients For Life resources. What will you find?

Many of these activities were created to meet Iowa Core Standards, but if you’d like to monitor your own children’s learning or understand better what is appropriate for them to learn, check out the Iowa Department of Education’s Iowa Core Parent Guides. These booklets specifically give parents an overview of what skills and topics their children should know about at each age. This can help you choose the best activities for your kids.

We hope this helps give you some extra resources to keep your students and children learning and busy. Best of luck, and in the words of Red Green, “Keep your stick on the ice. We’re all in this together.”


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