Career Corner: Milo Locker Meats

Milo Locker Meats in Milo, Iowa

Milo Locker Meats in Milo, Iowa, is owned and operated by Angie and Darrell Goering. At their locker they process deer, cattle, and hogs. While they process typical animals for Iowa, they set themselves apart from other lockers through their grocery section. Another way they distinguish themselves from other lockers is through their schedule accommodations for deer and county fair seasons. During the weeks of their surrounding county fairs, Milo Locker Meats clears their schedule for those 4-H and FFA animals. In December, they block off the whole month for deer processing.

Inside Milo Locker Meats grocery area

After an early retirement, Darrell bought the locker that originally was across the street, later designing and building the locker they processes in today. Darrell learned how to properly cut and process meat from the previous owners and once he figured out the trade, he started independently processing meat for sale. He has continued to learn as new endeavors and ideas have been brought forth as the demand has changed over time. Angie entered the locker when her and Darrell got married. She now is the manager of the office, which is essential to an efficient and effective business. While Angie manages the bills, phones, marketing, and so much more, Darrell manages the processing aspect of the locker.

Locker Positions

While purchasing a locker may not be an option for everyone, there are many job areas within the business. An entry-level position for a high school student would be assisting with the sanitation process. This position is vital to a lockers success as meat types cannot be cross contaminated; it could result in consumers becoming ill. At this level, there is also the job of loading out meat to consumers. Those that fulfill this job learn the locations of freezers and meat within those freezers. This position also includes a large amount of communication skills as they will be directly speaking with customers. While speaking with customers, employees listen for any questions or concerns that need to be answered or resolved prior to the customer leaving. Another entry-level position is the harvest floor, there the employee will remove the animal byproducts to maintain sanitation in the area.

The positions in the processing room are available after an employee has graduated with a high school diploma or obtains a GED. In this section of the meat processing the jobs of de-boning the meat, stuffers, wrappers, and labelers are needed. These positions do not require any further degrees or experience as employees learn these machines while on the job. Although further degrees are not required, the willingness to work and have pride in a job well done are necessary.

While the previously listed jobs are all in the meat processing sector of a locker, there are also positions within the retail and office side of the business as well. An office manager is the position that Angie holds. As mentioned before, she answers calls, oversees the financials, markets products, oversees retail area, and interacts with the public in various settings. Employees that assist office managers are holding the position of office assistant. The other position held in the office is the retailers. These employees ensure that the retail section of the locker is stocked and arranged for customers.

Mac & Cheese Flavored Cheddar Bratwursts

Classroom Connections

The classroom connections in this field relate to math and communication skills. Communication skills are vital for retailers, office assistants, office managers, and those loading out meat as they are speaking directly with the customers. This interaction provides the opportunity to answer any questions or resolve any concerns that the consumers may have. Those processing the meat must be precise with their math skills as they are weighing the meat that is later packaged by weight. If these amounts are inaccurate a customer they could be not enough or too much given to the customers.

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